The shared vision of the OSCAR project is to create a sustainable platform for better use of Danish health data in partnership with private companies and public organisations. The platform will ensure better access to health data in a secure manner that preserve personal data privacy protection.

Access to Danish health data is essential to inform a modern, data-driven healthcare system. Better access to health data is needed to support innovative clinical research, precision medicine and outcome-based pricing models. These advances can, in turn, lead to improved disease prevention and treatment, as well as better use of healthcare resources.

The OSCAR project will contribute to the realisation of this potential through better access to Danish health data.

The project, will be run as a Public/Private partnership until June 2025.

The total budget for the OSCAR project is ≈ 11 million EUROs, which includes 3.5 million EUROs in grant funding from the Danish Innovation Foundation.


The OSCAR project will also explore how data generated by individual citizens via health apps, questionnaires and other sources can be collected, encrypted and anonymised for analysis based on individual consent issued by the individual citizen, according to the General Data Protection Regulatory (GDPR) Act. For this kind of data, we intend to use the consent management platform developed in the HedaX project, which is another project that has received grant support from Innovation Fund Denmark.
The overall objective of the OSCAR project is to develop, test and implement the Virtual Public Register (VPR) platform. The OSCAR project will document how the VPR platform can create value and support the development of a sustainable healthcare system. The VPR platform is an IT platform that enables the collection, anonymisation, merging, sharing and analysis of health data from public registries. VPR uses a specialised encryption technology, called Secure Multiparty Computation, that enables fast and secure analyses of health data while also securing personal data privacy protection.


In the OSCAR project, we have 5 key objectives:

To provide clarity on the rules and regulations for patient consent and approval of the analysis conducted via the VPR platform

  • To develop, test and implement the VPR platform for the collection, linking and analysis of anonymised and encrypted health data
  • To build and test a model for data driven implementation of precision medicine for the treatment of cancer patients
  • To develop a framework for the use of ‘real-world evidence’ for the development of new pricing models for precision medicine
  • To develop a business model within the framework of a public private partnership, which ensures that the OSCAR project can continue to exist as an independent legal entity with political backing and sustainable financing after the project has finished.

Model, Process and delivery

We Are Building a New Health Data Infrastructure for Denmark

We Are Building a New Health Data Infrastructure for Denmark. Supporting secure and confidential data sharing and analysis
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Draft Blueprint for the Sustainable One Stop Shop Now in Place

Discussed vetted by key public stakeholders and data owners and based on clear value sharing principle
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This is how we deliver.
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7 Steps to Creating Real-World Evidence V1.
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