Public-private partnership for better use of health data

About the project
The shared vision of the OSCAR project is to create a sustainable platform for better use of Danish health data in partnership with private companies and public organisations. The platform will ensure better access to health data in a manner that secures personal data privacy protection.

Access to Danish health data is essential to inform a modern, data-driven healthcare system. Better access to health data is needed to support innovative clinical research, precision medicine and outcome-based pricing models. These advances can, in turn, lead to improved disease prevention and treatment, as well as better use of healthcare resources.


OSCAR offers analyses based on Danish health data that need clear unmet needs


OSCAR is  supported by public organisations and private companies working together to develop and test new technology and innovative models for accessing Danish health data that also ensure personal data privacy protection.
Our organization

Public advisors

The project is advised by a public and a private advisory board. In the public advisory board the following organisations are represented:

Private advisors

The private advisory board for the OSCAR project includes representatives from following companies:

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